Ce forum a pour but de rassembler les différents rôleplay de joueurs de L5R de Namur (exactement du New Kot et jeu).
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Clan Ichiro (Blaireau)
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Date d'inscription : 23/05/2017
Age : 27
Localisation : Namur
Mar 21 Nov - 2:01
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Badger Clan - Ichiro Bushi (Core Rules p215)

The founder of the Ichiro Bushi School was a Hida. It is no surprise, then, that the School remains similar to its Crab roots. The school's philosophy is simple: hit the enemy so hard that he has no time to engage in any fancy tactics.

The Ichiro Bushi School focuses on their love of wrestling and unarmed combat. It emphasizes the power of pure strength in defeating enemies. The Ichiro Bushi uses strength as the answer to almost any problems that may arise. Others may move faster or strike with more precision, but the Ichiro will answer with overwhelming damage.

Benefit: +1 Strength
Skills: Athletics, Commerce, Defense, Heavy Weapons, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu (Katana), any High or Bugei skill
Honor: 3.5
Outfit: Light or Heavy Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any Heavy or Polearm, Traveling Pack, 3 koku

Rank 1: Transcend the Mountain
The bushi of the Badger Clan live and train in the rugged territory of the Great Wall of the North, and revere strength as the ultimate measure of any warrior's capabilities - the power of a warrior's fists can still be relied on when all else fails. You may re-roll any Skill roll or Trait roll which uses Strength, but you must keep the result of the second roll. You suffer no movement or combat penalties for Moderate terrain, and only half the normal penalty for Difficult terrain.

Rank 2: Strength of the Badger
With practice, the Badger learn to call upon their strength to crush their opponents. A number of times per session equal to your Strength Rank, you may re-roll a damage roll, keeping the better of the two results.

Rank 3: Crushing Blow
Experienced Badger learn to deliver blows of truly fearsome power, with weapons or even their bare hands, which can pulverize flesh even through the protection of armor. You may ignore the effects of armor on an opponent's Armor TN. Your unarmed attacks may ignore 1 Rank of your target's Reduction.

Rank 4: Crashing Stones
Ichiro samurai are taught to strike with the speed of the deadly avalanche. Your attacks with Samurai weapons or unarmed strikes are considered Simple Actions.

Rank 5: Return the Strike
The final lesson taught in Badger Clan dojo is that the most effective blows in combat are not the swiftest, but the hardest struck. At the start of a skirmish, before Initiative is rolled, you may choose to lower your Initiative total by 20 for the duration of the skirmish. In exchange, you add your Strength Rank in unkept dice to both your attack and your damage rolls for the first two rounds of that combat.

Voie alternative

Ichiro Pass Warden (Secrets of the Empire p)
The first duty of the Badger Clan is to protect the pass from invasion, and the clan has long trained a group of specialized warriors whose sole duty is to defend the pass with spears and hurled rocks. Their task is to inflict as much damage as possible on any invaders. The Pass Wardens spend most of their lives within the fortresses of the Badger lands, seldom visiting the rest of the Empire.

Replaces:* Ichiro Bushi 3
Requirements:** Strength 4, Spears 4, Athletics 4
Technique: Hold the Passes - Your range with hand-hurled missiles is doubled, and you add +1k0 to damage rolls with thrown weapons; if the weapon is a nage-yari or a rock, the bonus is +1k1 instead.
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