Ce forum a pour but de rassembler les différents rôleplay de joueurs de L5R de Namur (exactement du New Kot et jeu).
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Dragon's Flame [Bushi]

The Tsuruchi family of the Mantis Clan is universally considered to possess the foremost archers of the Empire. Crane archers are celebrated for their accuracy and the Shinjo horsebowmen are known for their speed and unique style. The average samurai may know all of these names, but far fewer know the name of the Dragon's Flame. The warriors of the Dragon's Flame do not specialize in any one aspect of archery, choosing in true Dragon fashion to approach archery in a more individualistic manner. Some have distinguished themselves as excellent horsemen while others gain fame for accuracy over great distances. All of the Dragon's Flame share one important passion: they dedicate their lives to defending the mountains of the Dragon from anyone who might dare threatened them.

Replaces: Any Dragon Bushi 4
Requirements: Kyujutsu 5

Technique: Rain of Death - The Dragon's Flame knows accuracy comes from finding tranquility within. You gain a +1k0 bonus to attack rolls or +2k2 while using a bow.

Hojatsu's Legacy [Bushi] (Book of Fire p)

The final technique of Mirumoto Hojatsu was developed late in life as a result of his rivalry with Kakita; unwilling to concede defeat to an opponent who could strike faster, Hojatsu instead devised a way to disrupt his opponent's rhythm and thereby win regardless of speed. It is believed this technique was used for the first time in the final duel between Hojatsu and Kakita, in which Hojatsu died and Kakita was mortally wounded.

Replaces: Mirumoto Bushi 4 or Mirumoto Taoist Swordsman 5
Requirements: Iaijutsu 5

Technique: Strike When You Cannot - The student of Hojatsu's last technique learns how to use intellect and aggression to disrupt an opponent's rhythm in an iaijutsu duel. During the Assessment stage of a duel, you may take a Free Action and spend a Void Point to force a contested Kenjutsu/Fire roll with your opponent. If you win the roll, your opponent cannot spend Void Points on the Focus roll for that duel.

Kaze-Do Fighter

The ancient techniques of Togashi Kaze, which formed the basis for almost all modern Rokugani martial arts, still survive in a somewhat abbreviated form among the Dragon Clan tattooed monks. The technique is rare and those who know it usually pass it down privately to a few select students, preserving its secrets from the samurai who Kaze opposed.

Replaces: Any Rank 2
Requirements: Jiujutsu (Kaze-do) 3

Technique: The Way of Air - The students of Kaze's ancient techniques learn how to use the speed of their opponents against them while evading enemy weapons. When you are fighting unarmed, any opponent attacking you with a melee weapon suffers a penalty of -Xk0 to his attacking Skill Roll, where X equals his Air Ring. This penalty cannot apply to more opponents within the same Round than your Insight Rank.

Kitsuki Debater [Courtier]

The Kitsuki are best known as the Dragon Clan's premiere magistrates, but they also serve the clan in the courts. Kitsuki excel at an argumentative approach to the social battlefield of court, learning to refute every aspect of an opponent's position by destroying its logic. Every detail, no matter how small, must agree or be revealed as lies. This method can be extremely surprising to those not accustomed to it, flustering even experienced courtiers. Most samurai hide behind masks of courtesy; losing that defense can disorient a courtier long enough for the Debater to make his move.

Replaces: Kitsuki Investigator 3
Requirements: Courtier 3, Etiquette (Conversation) 5

Technique: The Ebb and Flow of Deception - The Kitsuki Debater represents his clan in enemy courts across the Empire, fighting for every small advantage he can win for the Dragon. You can see the flow of conversation and discern what topic may force your opponent to tell a lie. make an Etiquette (Conversation) / Awareness roll at a TN 20, plus any Raises you wish to call. (The base TN of this roll may be modified at the GM's discretion, based on the opponent, the nature of the conversation, and other applicable circumstance.) If you succeed, you switch the topic of conversation to something uncomfortable for your opponent. He must roll Sincerity / Awareness at a TN of 20 plus 5 for every Raise you successfully called. (Again, the GM may apply circumstantial modifiers as needed.) If he fails the roll he is visibly discomfited by the conversational trap, and suffers a -1k1 penalty to his next Social Skill Roll against you.

Kitsuki Justicar [Bushi] (Imperial Histories p148)

The justicar tradition is an old one, one that has its roots in Imperial history that predates the establishment of the magistrate system by the Emerald Champion and his associate, Soshi Saibankan. In Rokugan's earlier days, communication among the clans was less extensive and the lands between their holdings were wilder and more dangerous. This often resulted in criminals from one region fleeing to another and completely escaping prosecution. The lack of a strong Imperial network for the exchange of information only exacerbated this situation. However, Bushido demanded a solution to the problem, for a criminal fleeing the Lion lands might prey upon the Crane, bringing great dishonor to the Lion Clan (even though the Crane were hated enemies). The Dragon were thus not the first to establish a tradition of justicars, but they were the only ones to develop and maintain a fighting technique built on the tradition.

A justicar is essentially a magistrate trained in the art of dueling. The duty and purpose of a justicar is to travel in search of fugitives, sometimes hunting specific individuals and other times merely generally searching for anyone who may have escaped the justice of his clan. When he locates such an individual, the justicar challenges him to duel to the death. The death of the criminal retroactively proves his guilt and thus eliminates all problems. Of course, the possibility that the justicar may be killed (and thus the criminal exonerated) is somewhat of a problem but even in this case the clan is freed from any dishonor since the victor was clearly not a criminal before he arrived at his new home.

Since the Kitsuki family's founding, their strong emphasis on justice has led them to embrace the justicar tradition and they have developed a technique to support it. Kitsuki justicars typically hold a post as a Dragon Clan magistrate, and the clan often goes to considerable effort to get them appointed as Emerald Magistrates as well, though success in this depends on the relationship between the Kitsuki family and the Emerald Champion at the time.

Replaces: Kitsuki Investigator 3
Requirements: Iaijutsu 4, Investigation 4

Technique: The Purity of Justice - A justicar is a master of both the hunt and the kill. You may add your Investigation Skill Rank to the total of any Assessment roll made as part of an Iaijutsu duel. You also gain a bonus of +1k0 on all Focus and Strike rolls made against an opponent who has been decreed guilty of a crime by an Imperial or Dragon Clan authority higher than you. Finally, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to any Hunting or Investigation rolls made to hunt such guilty targets.

Mirumoto Mountaineer [Bushi] (Core Rules p252)

The mountains of the Dragon Clan have served the clan for thousands of years as a natural defense against invasion. However, the warriors of the Dragon must face the same difficulties the mountains pose for an attacking army. The Mirumoto Mountaineers are hardened warriors, born from the treacherous cliffs, fickle weather, and dangerous predators that menace their home. The Mountaineer has found his balance with the elements, a skill that proves useful in the middle of combat

Replaces: Mirumoto Bushi 2
Requirements: Athletics (Climbing) 3

Technique: Heart of the Mountains - The Mountaineer is a rugged warrior whose constant dealings with the unpredictability of nature makes him ready for anything that may await him in battle. When you are surprised during a skirmish due to failing your Investigation (Notice) / Perception Contested Roll, you may immediately make a second roll using Athletics / Agility. If you are successful, you are not surprised. You may also add half your Athletics Skill Ranks (rounded up) to the total of all your ranged attack rolls.

Mirumoto Sentinel [Bushi]

In any mountainous region, such as the region in which Water Hammer City is located, the security of the Dragon Clan’s vassals can be difficult to secure. In order to address this issue, the Mirumoto have trained a cadre of elite warriors known as the Sentinels to oversee such locations. The Sentinels are deployed in surprisingly small numbers to secure large sections of sparsely populated land in the Dragon mountains, and are remarkably effective at their duties. Before being assigned, Sentinels are extensively trained in the geography of their provinces, until they are familiar with every square mile of it, almost literally down to every tree and boulder. In addition to their prodigious level of skill in using the terrain to their own advantage, Sentinels are well known for hindering the movement of their enemies in any number of ways, exploiting the local terrain to the greatest advantage possible and reducing an opponent’s mobility considerably; leading them into bogs, unsure footing, and pitfalls are particular favorites among these hardy warriors. Many Dragon Clan magistrates look upon the Sentinels as something like embarrassing cousins, but no one can deny their effectiveness as a unit.

Replace: Mirumoto Bushi 4 or Taoist Swordsman 3
Requirements: Way of the Land Advantage

Technique: Master the Land - A Mirumoto Sentinel is intimately familiar with the land he is tasked with patrolling, and can use its every resource to his advantage. When you are in a province for which you possess the Way of the Land Advantage, you may select any three Bugei Skills you possess. While in the selected province, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to Skill Rolls using those Skills. You may select different Skills for each province for which you possess the Way of the Land Advantage. Additionally, you may make a Contested Void Roll against one opponent at the beginning of a skirmish, before Initiative is rolled. That opponent’s Water Ring is considered one rank lower for the purpose of determining Move Action distances for the remainder of the skirmish.

Tamori Warrior Priest [Shugenja] (Core Rules p252)

The Tamori family has been brave and combative ever since its inception. Tamori shugenja often train alongside their Mirumoto brothers to improve their coordination. The yama-bushi (Warrior Priest) consider his martial training equally as important as his connection to the kami. The Warrior Priest can use his bond with the elements to increase his observation of the field of war, allowing him to perform awe-inspiring feats of prowess.

Replaces: Tamori Shugenja 4
Requirements: 1 weapon Skill at rank 3

Technique: Strength of the Soul - The Tamori are the most maritally inclined of all Rokugan's shugenja families, often training alongside their clan's bushi. You can expend a spell slot as a Free Action to gain a bonus of +1k0 on any Bugei Skill roll. You may not expend more spell slots per round in this manner than your School Rank. You may make melee attacks as a Simple Action when using a weapon created by one of the following spells: Bo of Water, Tetsubo of Earth, Katana of Fire, or Yari of Air.

Tamori Weaponsmiths [Shugenja][Artisan]

The Tamori are an intensely pragmatic family, far more so than most shugenja families, and have a number of ideas that more conservative groups view as almost heretical. In particular their embracing of martial traditions, taking the field not merely in support of the bushi but as actual weapon-wielding combatants, has earned them the ire of many other families. Similarly, their desire to craft their own weapons, which they consider necessary to ensure proper quality, is something many others find distasteful.

The Tamori shugenja who take up the art of practical weaponsmithing (as opposed to the more artistic smiths who work in Water Hammer City) seek to marry the design of the blade with the power of Earth, attuning their weapons to their magic.

Replaces: Tamori Shugenja 2
Requirements: Craft: Weaponsmithing 3, the ability to cast at least one spell that creates a weapon (such as Tetsubo of Earth or Katana of Fire)

Technique: Soul of the Stone - A Tamori smith can mingle his spirit with that of stone and steel, creating blades that borrow the very soul of the mountains. When you make a successful Craft Skill Roll to finish creating a Samurai weapon, you may expend all your Void Points to instill within the weapon a number of Free Raises equal to your Earth Ring. These Free Raises may be used on any roll made using the blade. Free Raises which are expended refresh after thirty days. A Tamori weaponsmith may never have more of these weapons in existence at one time than his Earth Rank.

Togashi Defender [Monk]

The Togashi ise zumi dedicate their lives to chasing the ephemeral goal of enlightenment. The journey is unique to each person, so the monks of the tattooed orders tend to be a highly unique and varied lot. Some choose to focus on physical exertion over mental strength, honing their bodes through an emphasis on martial arts and hard labor. The Togashi Defender becomes adept at pushing his body to its absolute physical limits… and beyond. The Defender often chooses to stay within the Dragon provinces to protect villages from bandits and other predators. Defenders are also more likely than other Tattooed Men to be seen fighting side by side with Mirumoto samurai and marching in the Dragon armies. The Defenders lose one of the quirks that define the Togashi family, but strike out with vicious strength against any who dare oppose Dragon might.

Replaces: Togashi Tattooed Order 3
Technique: Power Within and Without - The ise zumi knows the kami cannot aid any man if he proves himself an unworthy physical vessel. While unarmored and with no Kiho or Tattoos active, you gain Reduction equal to 3 plus your Void Ring. You gain one additional Tattoo.

Water Hammer Smith [Artisan]

The men and women who make Water Hammer City their home are almost without exception obsessed with the idea of crafting. Some believe that the prevalent obsession is a result of being in close proximity to the sacred forge, while others think it is merely an oddity that has developed within the city as a result of its nature and function; other cities focused on the arts and production of specific resources tend to have similarly narrow views about the world, after all. Even the peasants of Water Hammer City are fascinated by crafting, and virtually every home contains any number of sculptures, paintings, or other creations happily worked on by the denizens of the estate during their free time. Among all these individuals, however, none are more skilled, more respected, and more famous than the Water Hammer Smiths. These individuals come from all walks of life, as anyone can gain an apprenticeship if their level of skill or even their potential is sufficient enough. Each individual smith chooses his own apprentices, meaning that traditions vary wildly from one to another. The vast majority of them are Dragon, however, and although apprenticeships are often offered to students from other clans, it is rare for any of said students to gain the title of master smith.

Replaces: Any Dragon School at Rank 2

Requirements: Any one Craft Skill at 3 or higher

Technique: Child of the Water - You have studied the secrets of the Water Dragon found in Water Hammer City, and the path of the smith has been made open to you. You may spend a Void Point to add double your Water Ring to the total of all Craft Skills you make for the rest of the day. If you are a shugenja, you may instead pay this cost by spending a Water spell slot. You may only benefit from a single use of this Technique at a time (i.e. you cannot spent two Void Points at different times during the day and gain two bonuses equal to three times your Void Point).
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