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Mar 14 Nov - 4:26
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Crab Berserker [Bushi] (Core Rules p251)

When faced with insurmountable odds, a warrior often retreats to fight again another day. To the Crab Berserker, this is not an option. The Berserker will fight wherever his lord directs him, and focuses his entire being into that fight. The Berserker fights with no limits and continues to ferociously attack until either he or his enemies is bloodied and dead on the ground. The Berserkers often fight against the ravaging Shadowlands Horde and are said to match those beasts in rage and viciousness.

Replaces: Any Crab Bushi school Rank 2
Requirements: Earth 4

Technique: Berserker's Rage - The Crab berserkers manifest their unique and dangerous gifts after spending some time - often months, sometimes even years - on the Kaiu Wall. Some berserkers call on maniacal fury to power their rages, while others enter the notorious "dead eye" trance, but the result is the same: superhuman strength and a near-immunity to pain. Once per skirmish, you may enter your rage during the Reactions Stage. Once begun, the rage lasts for a number of Combat Rounds equal to double your Earth Ring. (You may end it during an earlier round by spending a Void Point during the Reactions Stage.) While in your rage, you cannot take the Center, Defense, or Full Defense stances, and cannot use any non-Bugei skills. While in the raging state, you ignore all penalties and effects of Wound Ranks. You also gain a +2k1 bonus to all attack and damage rolls. If you are killed while raging, you remain alive and can continue to attack until the rage ends, but you cannot be healed (unless you are first targeted with the Force of Will spell) - you are dead, your body simply does not know it yet. The rage ends if you sustain Wounds equal to twice the amount that would normally kill you.

Crab Defender [Bushi] [BoA]

The limited Crab dueling tradition is maintained in the Unbreakable Blade Dojo. It emphasizes endurance rather than speed, teaching its students to endure their opponents' first blow in order to survive to deliver their own. Due to the Crab Clan's martial and pragmatic nature, the sensei of the Unbreakable Blade focus their training on lethal duels (both on the battlefield and in court) rather than on the duels to first blood that are more common in other clans.

Replaces: Hida Bushi 2, Hiruma Bushi 2
Requirements: Awareness 3, Agility 3, Iaijutsu 4

Technique: Warrior of Earth - The Defenders are taught there is more than one way to win a duel. Rather than try to strike faster than their opponents, Defenders learn to call on their own Earth to endure the foe's first strike, allowing them to defeat their enemy in a longer fight. During the Strike step of an iaijutsu duel, you are considered to have additional Reduction equal to your Earth x 3.

Crab Knife-Fighter [Bushi] [BoF]
A few Crab have specialized in knife-fighting over the years, enough for the clan to maintain a few sensei who teach advanced knife techniques. Many of these are sailors, especially Yasuki, who prefer a fighting style which uses small, cheap weapons in an environment where speed and mobility are more important than reach and power.

Replaces: Hida Bushi 4, Hida Pragmatist 4, Hiruma Bushi 3, or Hiruma Scout 3
Requirements: Knives 3

Technique: One Blade, Both Hands - The Crab knife-fighting technique emphasizes using the empty hand to grasp, control, and distract the opponent, setting him up for the knife-hand to deliver the lethal blow. When fighting with one open hand and a tanto, you add +3k1 to your damage with tanto and may ignore all effects of your opponent's armor. (If your opponent is a creature with inherent Reduction, you may ignore 5 points of that Reduction.)

Crab Sumai Wrestler [Bushi] [BoE]

The Crab have a long and storied tradition of excellence in sumai, whose social respectability can grant skilled Crab wrestlers access to courts where they might otherwise never be invited. Promising students are taught at the Grip of Earth Dojo, the principle home to the Crab Clan's sumai fighting technique. When another samurai encounters a Crab bushi utilizing sumai techniques, it is almost always a graduate of the Grip of the Earth Dojo. Those students who show a knack for the ritual and pageantry of sumai as well as its more physical aspects are sent to Stone Tower Dojo in the Imperial Capital.

Replaces: Hida Bushi 2 or Yasuki Courtier 2
Requirements: Jiujutsu (Sumai) 4
Special: Enrolling in this Path automatically allows your character to get rid of the Small Disadvantage at no point cost. If you are not Small, you automatically gain Large at no Point cost. If you are already Large, you are refunded the point cost of the Advantage.

Technique: The Way of Sumai - While most Rokugani treat Sumai wrestling as a sport, the Crab have never forgotten that it originated as a combat art. When rolling to control a Grapple, you gain a +1k0 bonus (+2k0 if you are Large). If you choose to inflict damage in a Grapple (e.g. the "hit" option), you gain a +1k1 bonus to the Damage Roll.

Falcon's Strike [Bushi] [BoA]
A tiny off-shoot of the Falcon Clan's bushi traditions, the Falcon's Strike Dojo becomes much larger and more influential after the Falcon are absorbed into the Crab Clan in the early twelfth century. The dojo selects its students for keen vision and sharp senses, and they learn to reply on focused senses rather than the mechanics of drawing and firing to hit their targets.

Replaces: Toritaka Bushi 2, Hiruma Scout 2, or Hiruma Bushi 2
Requirements: Kyujutsu (Yumi) 3

Technique: Spotting the Prey - The Falcon's Strike is taught to use the bushi's deep awareness of their surroundings to strike the target regardless of concealment. When making a range attack with a bow, you may use your Perception in place of your Reflexes for attack rolls. When using a yumi, you may also use your Perception in place of the bow's Strength for damage rolls.

Hiruma Slayer [Bushi] [BoE]

While most samurai despise the masakari as little more than a peasant axe, the Hiruma found value in its combination of relatively small size and the ability to deliver powerful cutting blows against Shadowlands beasts. The Slayers specialize in hunting down dangerous Shadowlands creatures, often operating deep within Fu Leng's realm with little to no support. During wars with other clans, however, the Slayers' skills can also come in handy for raiding behind enemy lines.

Replaces: Hiruma Bushi 4 or Hiruma Scout 4
Requirements: Heavy Weapons (Masakari) 5

Technique: Deny the Horde - The Slayer technique utilizes the masakari to deliver a terrifying barrage of precise and lethal blows on the foe, using it equally well in either hand. You suffer no penalties for using a masakari in your off-hand (although you still suffer normal penalties for wielding two weapons). You may attack as a Simple Action with a masakari. When using a masakari in the Full Attack Stance against any foe, or in the Attack Stance against a Shadowlands creature or a foe you know to be tainted, you gain an additional +3k0 bonus to your damage rolls.

Hiruma Sniper [Bushi] [BoA]

The Snipers are an outgrowth of the fall of Hiruma lands in the eighth century, and the Path does not exist prior to that era. they are trained to stay calm and shoot accurately even when assailed by terrifying monsters, targeting their foes' weak points.

Replaces: Hiruma Scout 4, or Hiruma Bushi 4
Requirements: Kyujutsu 5, Reflexes 4

Technique: The Crab's Eyes - The Hiruma Snipers are trained to strike at specific weak points in their targets, getting their arrows past both mortal armor and monstrous shells and carapaces. You may attack with a yumi as a simple action. When making a ranged attack with a yumi, you may ignore all of the target's natural Reduction (e.g. Reduction from armor or natural protection) and half that much Reduction from magical effects.

Hiruma Yojimbo [Bushi] [StE]

Since the first days of the Crab Clan, the athletic and attentive Hiruma have often served as yojimbo for the Crab Champion and his most important vassals. This is not because the Hida lack for physical or martial power, of course, but rather because the Hiruma excel at perceiving threats that other Crab might easily miss. They are also considerably faster than the average member of most other Crab families, and speed is an essential component of any successful yojimbo’s repertoire of talents.

Replaces: Hiruma Bushi 3 or Hiruma Scout 3
Requirements: Defense 3

Technique: The Crab’s Shell - Those Hiruma tasked with protecting the lives of important Crab personages understand that the best and most effective means of defending them is to destroy their enemies as quickly as possible. After making a successful melee attack, you may immediately perform the Guard Action as a Free Action (if your charge is close enough for you to Guard). If you do so, you may add the amount by which your attack roll exceeded your opponent’s Armor TN to the Armor TN of your charge until your next Turn.

Kaiu Siegemaster [Bushi] [BoE]

"We sometimes play a game amongst each other. One Kaiu devises the strongest fortification possible, and the others must figure out its weakness." - Kaiu Watsuki

The Kaiu are acknowledged throughout the Empire as the foremost practitioners of siege warfare, especially on the defensive. Within their ranks, the elite order known as the Siege Masters holds a position of particular fame ever since they emerged in the fourth century. Siege Masters are known for rendering castles nigh-impregnable and for constructing defenses that break the spirit of opposing armies, even Shadowlands forces.

Replaces: Kaiu Engineer 5
Requirements: Battle (Mass Battle) 5, Engineering (Siege) 5

Technique: The Hammer of Kaiu - During a siege, you may add or subtract your entire School Rank to the total of your rolls on the Mass Battle Table (this replaces the Kaiu Engineering Rank 4 ability to add or subtract half your School Rank). If you are on the defending side in a siege, you gain +2k0 bonus to any Engineering (Siege) rolls you make to operate siege weaponry, and the Reduction of any structures on your side of the siege is increased by 50%.

Kuni Crystal Master [Shugenja] [BoE]

In the twelfth century, the Kuni begin focusing more intensely on the power and nature of crystal, partially influenced by the struggle against the Lying Darkness and partly by their interactions with other races who used crystal, such as the Naga and even the Nezumi. The Crystal Masters emerged from this research. They are the creators of the Sapphire Strike spell, and specialize in awakening the spiritual powers of crystal and using those powers to enhance their other magic.

Replaces: Kuni Shugenja 4
Requirements: Earth 5, Spellcraft 5, Lore: Elements (Crystal) 5
Special: Must possess a piece of pure crystal. Player must have approval from GM to become a Crystal Master.

Technique: Strike of Purity - The Crystal Masters learn how to awaken the spiritual power of crystal and use it to strengthen their spells. When you learn this technique, one piece of crystal which you possess becomes awakened and is then used to empower your spells with the essence of Crystal. (If this piece of crystal is lost or destroyed, you cannot use this Technique until you acquire another one - it is the GM's discretion how much time and effort this will require.) When casting a Fire or Earth spell that inflicts damage (e.g. Jade Strike, Fury of Osano-Wo, etc) you may spend a Void Point to channel the spell through your awakened crystal and infuse it with the essence of crystal. This adds one additional Complex Action to the casting time of the spell. The spell does an additional +1k1 damage is is now considered to be Crystal for the purpose of what foes can be damaged by it, whether it can penetrate Invulnerability or Creature Reduction, and so forth.

Oni Slayer [Shugenja] (Core Rules p251)

Kuni shugenja dedicate their lives to eradicating the Shadowlands threat from the world. The Oni Slayers are an elite sect of the Kuni family that focuses strictly on dealing with the monsters that are too strong to fight on an equal footing. Their rituals and wards are essential in sapping the strength of these unnatural beasts. Oni slayers see things no man ever should, yet their dedication to their duties remains unshaken.

Replaces: Kuni Shugenja 3
Requirements: Lore: Shadowlands 3

Technique: Bound by the World - The Kuni study the poorly understood art of binding, of using ritual circles and symbols to trap demons so they can be destroyed forever. You may expend an Earth spell slot and make a Spell Casting Roll (without TN, see below) in order to ritually prepare a binding circle, a process which takes an hour. This circle may encompass a maximum area equal to your School Rank x 5 in square feet, although you may combine efforts with other Kuni to encompass larger areas by adding your School Ranks together (only one of you make the Spell Casting Roll). Once an oni enters the circle, it becomes active. The oni may not leave the circle without first succeeding at a Willpower Trait Roll against a TN equal to the total of your Spell Casting roll. While the circle is active, you gain one less Earth spell slot per day.

Severed Hand [Courtier] [BoE]

The Severed Hand is the term adopted by those Crab warriors who are forced into the courts due to injuries or other physical problems that render them incapable of further military service. Such men and women, usually grizzled veterans, tend to view the courts as a mixture of deadly traps, pointless and puerile ritual, and stultifying boredom; nonetheless, they do their best to represent their clan. Over centuries of trail and error they have developed a Technique to aid them in their duties, and share it with their fellows through personal instruction.

Replaces: Any Crab bushi 4
Special: Your character must be reassigned to the courts due to a physical inability to continue serving the clan in war, e.g. a debilitating injury (GM's discretion, but obvious examples include Missing Limb and Lame).

Technique: Strength of Bamboo - The former warriors of the Severed Hand have learned to rely on the indomitable strength of Earth to resist the tricks, temptations, and blandishments of enemy courtiers. When rolling to resist an opponent's Social Skill or Courtier Technique, you may use Willpower as your Trait instead of the Trait normally used. In cases where this Technique clashes with another (such as the Bayushi Rank 4 Technique), the GM has discretion as to which Technique trumps the other.

Toritaka Exorcist [Shugenja] [GC]

From the days of their founding as the Falcon Clan, the Toritaka have studied the ways of the spirits, especially ghosts and gaki. Those of the Toritaka who had a gift of the kami undertook special studies in these topics, learning the ways of yorei and goryo, of gaki and kitsune-tsuki, and the ways to purge their influence from the natural world. The near-destruction of the Toritaka by a malevolent Shuten Doji spirit only furthered their determination to learn the ways of all such dangerous creatures. Toritaka Exorcists are skilled at both detecting dangerous spirits and purging their influence.

Replaces: Kuni Shugenja 2
Requirements: Willpower 3, Perception 3, Calligraphy 3

Technique: Purge the Darkness - You can sense the presence of dangerous spirits (ghosts, gaki, yokai, creatures from the spirit realms, etc) by making an Investigation (Notice) / Perception roll. The base TN for this roll is 20, but may be increased by the GM for spirits who are exceptionally difficult to notice. You may make 2 Raises on the roll to learn the specific nature of the spirit you detect (e.g. a yorei, a gaki, etc). You may take a Complex Action to attempt an exorcism on someone who is possessed by a ghost, gaki, oni, kitsune-tsuki, or similar entity. You expend one spell slot and make a Contested Willpower roll against the spirit; if you first place an exorcism ward on the target, you gain +2k2 on the roll. With a success, you force the spirit to leave the body it is possessing; it cannot attempt to re-possess that same person for at least 24 hours.

Tsuru's Legion [Bushi] [S&F]

Created a few years prior to the Clan War, this unit was founded by Hida Tsuru, younger brother of Clan Champion Hida Kisada. He created a legion of cavalry trained to combine speed and power, delivering overpowering strikes to enemy lines. Over time this force became known as Tsuru’s Legion, a name it retained after the death of its founder. In modern times the Legion is a semi-independent strike force used by the Clan Champion, and stands outside the normal structure of the Crab armies.

Replaces: Hida Bushi 2, Hiruma Bushi 2
Requirements: Horsemanship 3
Special: Admission to Tsuru’s Legion adds a steed (Rokugani pony) to your outfit if you do not already possess one.

Technique: Overrun - The cavalry of Tsuru’s Legion are trained to deliver decisive attacks at the critical moment of a battle. When you are mounted, you may perform the Knockdown maneuver for one less Raise and you may spend a Void Point to add +Xk0 to an attack roll with a weapon, where X is your mount’s Strength.

Yasuki Enforcer [Bushi] [StE]

The Yasuki merchants specialize in all manner of questionable forms of commerce and negotiation, and some few among them are discovered to have an exquisite talent for intimidation. Rather than see such gifts go to waste, the Yasuki lords at Clear Water Village prefer to teach them the methods they need to make their threats a reality. After all, a threat that cannot be followed through on is just poor business.

Replaces: Yasuki Courtier 2 or Hida Pragmatist 2
Requirements: Intimidation 3

Technique: Gentle Encouragement - The enforcers of the Yasuki family know how to threaten in such a way that thoroughly cows any potential opponent. You may make a Contested Roll against any individual, using your Willpower / Intimidation against their Willpower / Etiquette. If you are successful, you gain a bonus of +1k0 on all attack rolls made against that individual during the first Round of combat against them during your next skirmish. Each successful Raise made on this Contested Roll increases your bonus by an additional +1k0. If this Technique is activated during a skirmish, the initial Contested Roll is a Complex Action.

Yasuki Extortionist [Courtier] [BoE]

Some among the Yasuki, mainly in the Crab but also sometimes in the Crane, eschew their family's more conventional mercantile pursuits in favor of the practice of moneylending. Although this is considered especially disreputable activity for a samurai, it can also be hugely profitable - there are always both commoners and samurai who need additional funds, and the concept of paying interest is so strange to them that they usually do not realize how badly the Yasuki are taking advantage of them.

Replaces: Yasuki Courtier 4
Requirements: Willpower 4, Commerce 4, Intimidation 5

Technique: Do Me a Favor - The Extortionists specialize in rooting out the financial weaknesses of potential customers and then pressuring them into calling on Yasuki assistance. If you have supplied something your target needs, whether money or material goods (this can be achieved through role-play and/or by using the Yasuki Rank 1 and Rank 3 Techniques), you may make a Contested Social Roll of your Intimidation (Control) / Willpower against their Etiquette (Courtesy) / Willpower. With a success, they find the arrangement has left them deeply in debt to you. You may either inflict an Obligation on that person (if the GM judges they have the ability to pay you back) or a Blackmail on them (if the GM judges they cannot pay you back). The default point value of the Disadvantage in either case is 3, but the GM may modify this if circumstances make it appropriate.

Yasuki Taskmaster [Bushi] [S&F]

Although the Yasuki family as a whole is known for its mercantile and political role, many individual Yasuki serve in the Crab armies, with such members of the family often gravitating toward logistical and organization duties. As a result of this role, Yasuki bushi often found themselves in charge of organizing, training, and leading the Crab army's limited ashigaru forces. Eventually, this led to the establishment of a specific organization dedicated to that role: the Taskmasters. The dojo of the Taskmasters, located in Sunda Mizu Mura, admits students from any family but still tends to attract a disproportionate number of Yasuki, and the sensei is usually a Yasuki as well.

It may be noted that while the Taskmasters were originally oriented towards the command of ashigaru, over time their training and role expanded into a more general aspect of supervising lower-ranking soldiers. During the Clan Wars, when the Crab Clan forms a misguided alliance with the Shadowlands, some Taskmasters also find themselves saddled with the unpleasant duty of commanding units of goblin troops.

Replaces: Hida Bushi 4, Hida Pragmatist 4, Yasuki Courtier 3
Requirements: Willpower 4, Intimidation 5, Battle 3

Technique: Fear is a Gift - The Yasuki long ago concluded the best method to get peasant soldiers to face the horrors of the Shadowlands was to make the ashigaru more frightened of their officers than of the enemies. The Taskmasters embrace Intimidation as a skill with many more applications than others might expect. You treat Intimidation as a Bugei Skill rather than a Low Skill. You may use Willpower as your Trait on any Battle Skill roll, and may use your Intimidation Rank in place of your Battle Rank when rolling for Step 2: Determination on the Mass Battle Table. Finally, any soldiers (samurai, peasant, or otherwise) under your military command may add your Intimidation Skill Rank to the total of any rolls they make to resist Fear effects.
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