Ce forum a pour but de rassembler les différents rôleplay de joueurs de L5R de Namur (exactement du New Kot et jeu).
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voies alternatives et écoles avancées des clans mineurs
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Mar 21 Nov 2017 - 2:20
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Minor Clan Defender [Bushi] (Emerald Empire p63)

The samurai of the Minor Clans begin their career in service to the Emperor at a significant disadvantage compared to their counterparts from the Great Clans. They have fewer resources, fewer allies, and vastly less prestige. Many simply accept this is their lot as servants of a lesser clan and never challenge it.

There are a few, however, who refuse to accept such a fate, and commit themselves fully to championing the cause of their clans to the Empire at large. These men and women do not have any particular unifying qualities other than their passion and drive to better the lot of the Minor Clans.

Such individuals occasionally come into contact with one another during the course of their activities, and over the years can form strong alliances in order to better serve their cause. Although no formal dojo exist in which students can follow the lessons of such heroes, there are secrets passed down through family lines and via apprenticeship for those who choose to follow such a path. In a show of devotion these individuals have to a greater cause, these secrets are shared among all those who share the same passion for their cause, regardless of what Minor Clan affiliations they possess.


Rings/Traits: Agility 5, Strength 4
Skills: Any 1 Weapon skill at Rank 5
Other: Only members of Minor Clans can take ranks in this Advanced School; must possess one Paragon Advantage.

Rank 1: Know No Boundaries
Conviction and determination can elevate even the lowest samurai to greatness if he but follows his own sense of honor in moments of crisis. You may spend a Void Point to temporarily gain 2 Ranks in Status, forcing others to recognize your talents and abilities. This effect lasts for a period of 1 hour.

Rank 2: The Speed of Certainty
A true master of destiny is versatile and fleet of action. Once per Round you may spend a Void Point to make one melee attack as a Free Action. You may make no other attacks during this Round.

Rank 3: The Strength of Humility
A defender of the Minor Clans is a paragon of strength and certainty, skilled in the samurai arts and capable of virtually any deadly action. You may make melee attacks as a Simple Action when using weapons with the Samurai keyword. If you already possess the ability to make attacks as a Simple Action when wielding such weapons, you may choose any one other type of melee weapon (knives, heavy weapons, spears, etc.). You gain the ability to attack with these weapons as a Simple Action instead.

Voies alternatives

Minor Clan Alliance Diplomat [Courtier]

Minor clan samurai who deal with members of the Great Clans are in constant danger of angering them with a misplaced word, action, or even a look. Minor Clan samurai who have survived the minefield of the courts long enough are often sent to the Minor Clan Alliance’s court in Kudo Mura. There, they can learn from the best diplomats in the Alliance, studying how to sooth the ruffled feathers of Great Clan samurai and, more importantly, how to avoid ruffling those feathers in the first place.

Replaces: Any Minor Clan School 4
Requirements: Character must belong to a Minor Clan

Technique: The Courts of Kudo Mura - The diplomats of Kudo Mura are masters at dealing with the needs, desires, and whims of their superiors. When conversing with a samurai from one of the Great Clans or the Imperial Families, you gain +3k0 on all Contested Rolls using the skills of Etiquette or Sincerity.

Soldier of the Three Man Alliance [Bushi] (Imperial Histories p149)

The formation of the Three Man Alliance is the first step in a process of twelfth-century consolidation among the Minor Clans, leading to (among other things) the combination of the Mantis, Wasp, and Centipede clans into the Great Clan of the Mantis and, later in the century, the creation of the Minor Clan Alliance. It is the creation of the Three Man Alliance and their military victory over the Scorpion Clan that first inspires the Minor Clans to band together for greater benefit and effect, and many successful officers from that first military alliance eventually go on to achieve military and political prestige within the Minor Clan Alliance.

The fighting technique of the Three Man Alliance is formed by the combined efforts of several experienced soldiers from the Sparrow and Wasp. The warriors pool their life experience and develop a unified technique to carry back to their respective clans. Although the Three Man Alliance is superseded during the later Clan War by Yoritomo's Alliance, the technique it developed survives, and decades later it is still occasionally taught in Suzume and Tsuruchi dojo.

Replaces: Tsuruchi Archer 2, Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter 2, or Suzume Bushi 2
Requirements: Battle 2

Technique: Stand Against Oppression - The scions of the Minor Clan are not intimidated by their more influential detractors among the Great Clans. Far from it, they are inspired to greatness by their hardships. When facing an opponent with a higher Glory Rank than you, you may spend a Void Point to gain bonus unkept dice on your attack roll equal to the difference in your respective Glory Ranks. You may not gain more dice than your School Rank from this Technique.
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