Ce forum a pour but de rassembler les différents rôleplay de joueurs de L5R de Namur (exactement du New Kot et jeu).
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Clan Yotsu (tigre)
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Date d'inscription : 23/05/2017
Age : 27
Localisation : Namur
Mar 21 Nov - 2:14
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Tiger Clan - Yotsu Bushi (Imperial Histories p276)

The original Yotsu technique was based on the family's self-appointed role as protectors of the common people in Otosan Uchi. The later evolution of a full-scale bushi School happened as a result of the family's experiences fighting the Spider Clan in the ruins of Otosan Uchi. The Yotsu were forced to fight with stealth and ruthless aggression in an environment where the dominant terrain feature was ruined buildings. Although the resulting school was not one which more rigidly honorable samurai would admire, it suited the Yotsu well and they have maintained its techniques ever since.

Benefit: +1 Agility
Skills: Commerce, Hunting, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Lore (either Gaijin or Shadowlands), Stealth (Sneaking), one Low or Bugei Skill.
Honor: 5.5
Outfit: Ashigaru or Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 2 weapons, Traveling Pack, 4 koku

Rank 1: The Tiger's Tread
The Yotsu are taught to stalk and attack their enemies with the same mixture of stealth and speed displayed by the tiger when it hunts its prey. You do not lose Honor for using the Ambush or Shadowing functions of the Stealth Skill so long as you are using them against enemies of the Empire (GM's discretion). When operating in an urban environment (including a ruin or other ancient relic of such an environment), you gain a +1k0 bonus to Stealth Skill rolls and add your Stealth skill rank to your Armor TN.

Rank 2: The Tiger's Pounce
The Yotsu are taught to strike with uncanny speed, catching their opponents by surprise. On the first Round of a skirmish, you may add your Stealth Skill rank to the total of your Initiative roll. (This bonus ends on the Reactions stage of the first Round.)

Rank 3: Rending Claws
The Yotsu strike with the speed of the pouncing tiger. When fighting with a Samurai weapon you may make attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action.

Rank 4: Shelter the Blameless
The Sword of Yotsu draw strength from their duty to protect others. During any Round when you are actively defending or protecting (GM's discretion), you gain one bonus Void Point for use during that Round. Unspent Void Points gained from this Technique are lost at the end of the Round (after the Reactions stage).

Rank 5: The Tiger's Fangs
The final lesson of the Yotsu is to emulate the Tiger's pounce, striking the opponent so fiercely with one's first attack that he has no opportunity to fight back. On the first Round of a skirmish, you may declare Maneuvers for one less Raise.
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