Ce forum a pour but de rassembler les différents rôleplay de joueurs de L5R de Namur (exactement du New Kot et jeu).
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Clan Morito (boeuf)
Messages : 4671
Date d'inscription : 23/05/2017
Age : 27
Localisation : Namur
Mar 21 Nov 2017 - 2:11
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Ox Clan - Morito Bushi (Core Rules p223)

The Ox Clan earned its stripes in combat against a spirit army filled with the wisdom of centuries of ancestors. After its debut, the Morito Bushi School garnered respect and a healthy reputation from bushi across the Empire. The bulk of the Ox Clan's force is heavy cavalry intended to swiftly crush the core of an infantry army.

The Morito bushi is taught to maximize the benefit of mountain combat. He learns to trample the soldiers standing in front of him and maneuver quickly around the battlefield using his advantage of mounted speed. The Morito most often uses a polearm, though he is trained to adapt to the situation if it requires another style of combat.

Benefit: +1 Agility
Skills: Defense, Horsemanship, Hunting (Tracking), Kenjutsu, Lore: Kolat, Lore: Underworld, any one Skill
Honor: 3.5
Outfit: Light or Heavy Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Heavy Weapon or Polearm, Horse (Rokugani Pony), Traveling Pack, 3 koku

Rank 1: Legacy of the Four Winds
The Ox warrior fights as one with his horse. At the beginning of combat, you may add +1k0 to your Initiative if you are Mounted. Additionally, you may add +1k0 to attack rolls while mounted.

Rank 2: The Wind Blows Many ways
A Morito bushi becomes adept in all facets of war. At the beginning of combat, you may declare a number of Bugei Skills equal to your School Rank. You add +1k0 to all rolls involving the chosen Skills.

Rank 3: Thunder and Fury
The Morito bushi strikes with the speed of his charging horse. You may make attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action while Mounted.

Rank 4: The Blade Upon the Wind
The Morito bushi can rush forward, moving faster than any of his foes can anticipate. Once per skirmish, you may spend a Void Point as a Free Action to set your Initiative Score equal to that of another participant in the battle. This may be either an ally or opponent. However, after you use this Technique, your Initiative Score is reduced by 5 during the Reactions Stage of each Round until the end of the encounter.

You may only have one Turn per Round, even if your Initiative Score drops below your current Initiative Score.

Rank 5: Fast and Furious
The Morito bushi rides into battle, trampling those who cannot escape his path. while you are attacking an opponent with lower Initiative, you add +2k2 to all attacks and damage rolls.

Voie alternative

Ox Clan Vigilant (Secrets of the Empire p)

After the Ox Clan is purged during the Scorpion Clan’s assault on the Kolat in the late twelfth century, the new Ox leadership seeks assistance from the Unicorn Clan’s Shinjo family in keeping itself pure of further Kolat influence. The small order known as the Vigilant is the result. Initially focused solely on hunting for Kolat, the organization soon expands into a more general role of rooting out criminals and conspirators of all types.

Replaces: Morito Bushi 4
Requirements: Investigation 5
Technique: Seek the Guilty - The Ox Vigilants are trained to root out lawbreakers and conspirators by seeing through their deceptions and tricks, finding their underlying moral weakness and using it against them. When investigating someone for possible lawbreaking or Kolat activity, you may make a Contested Roll of your Investigation (Interrogation) / Perception against the target’s Sincerity (Deceit) / Awareness. If you succeed (and the target is actually guilty – GM’s judgment), you gain a +1k1 bonus to all Intimidation rolls and attack rolls against that target for the next 24 hours.
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