Ce forum a pour but de rassembler les différents rôleplay de joueurs de L5R de Namur (exactement du New Kot et jeu).
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Clan Heichi (sanglier)
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Date d'inscription : 23/05/2017
Age : 27
Localisation : Namur
Mar 21 Nov - 2:02
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Boar Clan - Heichi Bushi (Core Rules p217)

Shadowy dangers always threatened the Boar lands, and the Heichi Bushi School formed to face them. The Boar were ready to defend themselves and developed techniques that would help them match that fervor. They learned to take the worst attacks their enemies might hold in store and simply keep going. The trained Heichi Bushi maintains a strong defense, but his furious assaults are chilling to see.

The Heichi Bushi School emphasizes a weapon that is rarely seen in the rest of the Empire: the Mai Chong. The uniquely shaped spear has a curved head, and the weapon handles completely differently from other pole weapons. The Heichi Bushi can use the spear to devastate his enemies at range. The longer reach of his weapon perfectly suits his defensive style, where he waits for the perfect moment to break the enemy's momentum.

Benefit: +1 Strength
Skills: Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Intimidation, Kenjutsu, Spears (Mail Chong), any one Bugei Skill
Honor: 3.0
Outfit: Light or Heavy Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any Spear, Traveling Pack, 3 koku

Rank 1: The Charge of the Boar
The attack of a boar can come from nowhere, with little warning. If you are in the Full Attack stance, you may ready a medium weapon or a spear as a Free Action. When wielding a spear in combat, you gain a damage bonus of +0k1.

Rank 2: The Strength of Opposition
The Boar school specializes in using spears, especially the Mai Chong, to snare an opponent's clothing and armor, rendering them helpless. You may call two Raises to Entangle an opponent with a Mai Chong, or three Raises to Entangle them with another spear-class weapon.

Rank 3: The Speed of the Boar
The Boar bushi learns to strike with the relentless speed of his namesake animal. You may attack as a Simple Action when wielding a spear.

Rank 4: The Anger of the Boar
Much like their namesake, Boar bushi keep fighting even when critically injured. You may spend a Void point during the Reactions segment to reduce your Wound TN penalty by one Wound Rank (the wounds still exist, you simply feel less pain from them). This effect lasts the remainder of the skirmish.

Rank 5: Beyond the Mountains
At this rank the Boar has learned to control his warrior's fury and unleash it at the most unexpected times, even when he appears to be completely defensive. If you are in the Full Defense Stance, you may make one normal attack with a spear or a Samurai-keyword weapon as a Free Action, ignoring the restriction of the Full Defense Stance. This attack gains a bonus of +2k0 to the attack roll.
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